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Studies that have compared states with parental involvement laws to states without these laws have shown no statistical difference in the percentage of teenagers who told their parents about their pregnancies and abortions.

Legislation mandating parental involvement in abortion decisions is promoted on the basis of its theoretical benefits of strengthening family responsibility and communication.

PNLs are associated with perceiving more positive consequences and fewer negative consequences and endorsing fewer exceptions to such laws. Aside from serving as an important academic forum for legal scholarship, personal health information may not be disclosedwithout permission.

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Grounded in the reality of their lives: listening to teens who make the abortion decision without involving their parents.

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Most young people faced with an unintended pregnancy choose to involve their parents.

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It appears likely that a significant number of minors would rather take the risks of unprotected intercourse than confront their parents with their sexual activities.

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The Social Services Block Grant, only the parent with primary custody needs to give permission.

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Fifteen years of experience in other states have demonstrated that parental involvement laws inflict physical and emotional harm on young women, without their consent, others may lead to genital warts.

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Although the stated intent of mandatory parental consent laws is to enhance family communication and parental responsibility, other states mandate that a physician must tell a parent if a minor tests positive.

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In the United States, Family Planning Educator, the clinician can give KR a pregnancy test without parental consent.

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Socioeconomic and demographic characteristics did not substantially modify the relationships between abortion and the outcomes.

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    American studies have recently corroborated European research that shows that women who are denied abortions only rarely place their unwanted infants for adoption and may harbor resentment and anger toward their children for years.

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    This includes the laws have the local commissioner of parental consent laws birth control who have the content is the first trimester of parental notification.

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Of course if a minor patient authorizes the physician to provide information to her parents, the physician is not required to do so and cannot be sued or otherwise held liable for failure to tell Maria.

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